Thursday Night Lectures

24th July 6:30pm

Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Sola-Morales, Erieta Attali, Jimenez Lai

Architecture Lecture Theatre 1

Urban Islands

As part of the Urban Islands 2014, the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney is excited to present talks by the program’s studio leaders, Erieta Attali (Israel), Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales (Cadaval & Solà-Morales - Barcelona and Mexico City) and Jimenez Lai (Bureau Spectacular - Chicago).

Urban Islands is an independent cross university program curated by Tom Rivard and Mark Szczerbicki that brings renowned architectural practitioners from around the world to Sydney's Cockatoo Island. Guest tutors each run an intensive 12 day workshop about Cockatoo. Through processes of inhabitation and insinuation, each studio will question the nature of place making in an increasingly mediated world. For more information on Urban Islands, please click here.

Each of these speakers will talk about themes and works from over the span of their respective careers on Thursday the 24th of July at 6:30pm.

Erieta Attali: Images of Landscapes and Buildings.

Contemporary architecture is usually photographed and shown in isolation; buildings are photographed on their own and often with their environments intentionally left or edited out of the photographic frame. This is not only because contemporary architecture has the tendency of recreating fragmentary worlds of their own but also because interest in the contextual view of architecture has now declined among theorists or practitioners of architecture. My main concern as a photographer of Architectural landscapes is to study the ways finishing materials on architectural surfaces affect the intricate relationship of inside to outside spaces, since this factor primarily promotes a novel landscape perception. A number of select contemporary buildings represent this new reality in design, as recorded in the exceptional transition from the urban or natural landscape to the building itself.

Eduardo Cadaval and Clara Solà-Morales
Architecture as a practice goes well beyond the act of building- teaching, publishing, planning, theory, culture, photograph, politics, beyond plenty of numerous activities that build up a body of knowledge, a sense inhabitation, urbanity, culture and society. We as agents of architecture believe that architecture is a way of reading and collapsing knowledge, learning from others. An agency of research, for transformation.

Jimenez Lai - Clouds, Rainbows, Politics & BS
Comic books, installations, videos, models, drawings and architecture... the body of work of Jimenez Lai is cartoonish, rhetorical and practical. This lecture swerves between representations and realities of architecture, and dives deep into the thinking process behind the applications of architecture. Architecture contains both the fabrication side of the reality (fabris), as well as the reasons behind the actions (ratio). Perhaps the harder of the two is the management of the reasons, since theory is decidedly not measurable. As theory is not objective or factual, the linguistic and visual delivery of opinions makes this aspect of architecture a very interesting practice as the actions of architects impact culture beyond the bricks and mortars. The societal values behind our rules of aesthetics rely on the collective agreements – as well as disagreements – making architecture a political project. This lecture looks at the making of standards, disputes over standards, as well as the violation of standards.The lecture is broken up into five parts, within which qualities of shapes, geometries, clouds, colours, vanishing points, compositions, orientations and attitudes are rationally examined.

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