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In 2015 the theme of the talk series explores the role of the designer as agent provocateur, entrepreneur, agent of change and disruption, challenging the status quo.

TNL Directors
Dr Dagmar Reinhardt
Dr Lian Loke

12th March 6:00pm

Goetz Stoeckmann

Stop Making Sense

Lecture Theatre 1, Wilkinson Building
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
148 City Road, University of Sydney 

Formalhaut have designed landscape and public spaces for 30 years, with a focus on architectural and experimental approaches.

Their diverse body of work has featured cows in transparent boxes in a paddock, and the seminal living room project which uniquely chal­lenges the archi­tec­tural tenets of inside and out­side, pub­lic and pri­vate. Stoeckmann recently completed a photographic and design expedition ‘DimDiary’, through outback Australia, observing the interplay of space and light as seen at night. Collecting inspiration from the macro and micro, making ancient scenes appear young. The play between immediate and distant, dark and bright, black and white, red and organic, cold and heat, wet and dry, water and thirst.

Formalhaut work on the non-functional space and chal­lenge its enig­matic char­ac­ter by ques­tion­ing: can the phys­i­cal bor­der of space be beau­ti­ful itself or is the expanse of the void the rea­son for beauty?

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12/03/2015 (6PM - 8PM)

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